January 1, 2013
 Posted by kevans

A New Year, A New Site

With one of my new year resolutions being to get back into art hardcore, I thought I would redesign my site that would better show off my work. You can view my latest work in the Fine Art section, while my older work can be seen in the archive. For the last year I have been experimenting with photography and digital collage, as you can see, which has inspired me to go in a new direction in my actual painting. Stay tuned for some awesome paintings this year.

I will be posting more photography and digital art in the next few days. And I will be adding some of my website designs that I have done in the last year or two for law firm sites.

Happy new year all!

One comment on “A New Year, A New Site”

  1. Dean Flory

    Nice! I like the logo and responsive/adaptive-ness! 🙂