I’m an artist and designer living in Raleigh, N.C. My web site here is my personal playground for my art and design and miscellaneous tidbits about my life and thoughts.Creating art since I were a whee boy, I went to East Carolina University and obtained a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Painting and Drawing. Before graduating I taught myself web design so I could actually support my more artistic endeavers. I’ve been living in Raleigh since 1998, and currently have my dream job working from home for Consultwebs.com, as their creative director, while I create fine art on my free time. My ultimate goal is to be able to paint fulltime, and maybe one day become rich and famous.

Artist Statement

My whole art and personal credo is all about delving into the more unseen aspects of life. I strive to convey in my art mystery, beauty, darkness, and the unknown — anything that provokes an otherworldly feeling. As far as style, I usually do not like labels, as I will use any style that suits the art I am working on.